The Lovers Sweet Kiss Skeleton Skull T Shirt


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The Lovers Sweet Kiss Skeleton Skull T Shirt

The Lovers Sweet Kiss Skeleton Skull T Shirt is the ultimate piece of streetwear. It looks gorgeous with any outfit and is so warm! Its unique design makes it the perfect Skeleton Shirt. If you’re thinking about buying this Shirt, it comes with an authentic Skeleton tag on the front, so you’ll know it’s real as soon as it arrives! Black Skeleton Worldwide Shirt has a super soft material that makes it very comfortable to wear. This product is available from the Skeleton hoodie online store.


  1. Material: 80%Cotton, 20%Polyester,
  2.  Color: White
  3. No Color Fading
  4. Style Pullover
  5. The best option in winter to warm your body
  6. Top Quality Print
  7. Lightweight and comfortable
  8. Style Casual
  9. Long sleeves

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Skeleton Shirt uses DHL International Shipping to ship international packages. At any time, we can change carriers, which may result in your order being subject to additional duties and taxes, but don’t worry! Either way, the charges are beyond our control, so they will not affect you personally. However, if something happens wrong with your delivery, please contact us immediately as there are delays from certain countries based solely on border crossing timing issues (such as USA).

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